So, we’re almost at the end of the season now. Ten games to go and the home stretch has arrived, and what could have been a season that we were relegated in, has now become more comfortable (well, after beating Arsenal at least!)

Many players have stood out, some more than others, and we may have been happy to see the back of some of them.

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It’s been an unpredictable season, Leicester looking more like league champions this season, and Chelsea having a very bad start, and seeing Mourinho get sacked. The same could be said about Swansea though, whose eighth placed finish last season seems like a distant memory, and Guidolin is in the dugout instead of Garry.

There are some Swansea players who have not had enough plaudits this season, even though their performances have been outstanding. Even players that have been with Swansea for over ten years have not gained what they deserve. Here are five Swansea players who in my opinion, deserve more appreciation than they get by the media.

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