It’s six years ago to the day that a rash challenge (surprise) from Neil Taylor saw him sent off just two minutes into our Play-Off adventure, and nothing has changed ever since.

Written off before we had even begun, Brendan Rodgers’ Swans held on for a 0-0 draw at Nottingham Forest and the rest, they say, is history. A remarkable strike from Leon Britton – which still has us screaming ‘shoot’ whenever he gets the ball 25 yards from goal – and that Darren Pratley goal saw the Swans defy all odds and sent the entire city into a state of pandemonium.

Six years, five managers and several heart-attacks later and the feeling around the club is not too dissimilar. The win against Everton last weekend was reminiscent of that Play-Off Semi Final match. It provoked the same electric atmosphere from the fans, drained every single player in black and white of everything they had and most importantly, it made everyone in Swansea believe.

For longer than I can remember, the Swans have been written off time and time again. Be it for Football League survival in 2002 or at the Mestalla against Valencia, there’s a continuing pattern here. When the chips are down, our backs against the wall and not one commentator, pundit or journalist can see a glimpse of hope, that’s when we deliver.

Nobody outside of Swansea will understand, but what we have here is special. We’ve been through more in ten years what most fans will go through in a lifetime, and every obstacle hurdled makes us stronger.

This season will be no different. Down and out at Christmas with an incompetent manager and an underperforming squad, the not-so-distant future looked bleak. Less than five months on, and we could be safe with a game to spare.

Our destiny is in our own hands and while we can hope and pray for Big Sam’s Crystal Palace to pull through on Sunday, we need to make sure we’re in a position to watch the game with more than one eye open.

We may do it the hard way more often than not, but there’s something about proving an entire nation wrong that makes success all the more sweet.