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The first step on Celtic's journey to the Champions League group stage begins today, even though the club's players only returned to pre-season … Read More

Liverpool’s new 2019/20 third kit leaked online

Liverpool's 2019/20 home and away kits are already on sale and both have seemingly been very popular with the fans. However, the red home kit and … Read More

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What Happens to Motor Racing In Our Increasingly Fossil Fuel Hating World?

 A decade ago, a journalist writing for HeraldScotland called for motorsports to be banned. Not to save the drivers, he said, "who are probably … Read More

The Top 5 Record-Breaking Football Transfers in 2018

Last year, Liverpool FC spent £75 million (€84.5 million) on Dutch international Virgil van Dijk's transfer to the team. The 27-year-old centre … Read More

Liverpool make €45m bid for Bruno Fernandes

Liverpool have made €45m (circa £40m) bid to Sporting CP for Bruno Fernandes, according to a report from Correio da Manha, the most … Read More